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Power Sonic



PS6R Series Switching Power Supply, 24V Rated Voltage, 10A Output Curent, 240W Output Capacity, 100 to 240VAC Input Voltage

Degree of Protection
IP20 (IEC 60529)
Adjustable Voltage Range
Weight (Approx.)
Total Fluctuation
±5% max.
Temperature Change
0.05%/oC max. (–10 to +60ºC)
Start Time
800ms max. (at rated input and output)
Rise Time
200ms max. (at rated input and output)
Ripple (Including Noise)
1% p-p max. (0 to +60ºC), 1.5% p-p max. (–10 to 0ºC)
Rated Voltage
Power Factor (Typical) 230V AC
Power Factor (Typical) 100V AC
Overcurrent Protection
105 to 120% (auto reset) (output current when voltage drops by 5%)
Output Voltage
21.6 to 26.4V
Output Holding Time
20ms min. (at rated input and output)
Output Current
Output Capacity
Operating Temperature
–10 to +70ºC (no freezing)
Operating Humidity
20 to 90% RH (no condensation)
Load Fluctuation
0.6% max.
Leakage Current 230V AC
1mA max.
Leakage Current 120V AC
0.5mA max.
Insulation Resistance
100MΩ min. 500V DC megger (between input and output terminals/between input and ground terminals) (at room temperature and normal humidity)
Inrush Current 230V AC
20A max. (Ta=25ºC, 230V AC cold start)
Inrush Current 100V AC
9A max. (Ta=25ºC, 100V AC cold start)
Input Voltage
100 to 240VAC
Input Fluctuation
0.4% max.
Input Current 230V AC
1.2A typ
Input Current 100V AC
2.7A typ
Efficiency (Typical) 230V AC
Efficiency (Typical) 100V AC

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