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Non-Illuminated Round Pushbuttons (Assembled), 22mm, Metal Bezel, Maintained Action, 1NO Contacts, Red

Applicable Wire Size
Minimum 1 x 22 AWG, max. 2 x 14 AWG or 1 x 12 AWG
Vibration Resistance
10 to 55Hz, 98m/sec2 (10G) conforming to IEC6068-2-6
Finger-Safe Spring-Up Contacts
Shock Resistance
980m/sec2 (100G) conforming to IEC6068-2-7
Recommended Terminal Torque
0.8 N m (7.1 in lb.)
Rated Thermal Current
10 Amp
Rated Switching Over-Voltage
Less than 4kV, conforming to IEC60947-1
Rated Insulation Voltage
Rated Impulse Withstanding Voltage
4kV for contact circuit, 2.5kV for lamp circuit
Positive Action Operation
5.5mm to 10mm travel to latch, 45N minimum force to latch 10mm maximum travel, 1,800 operations per hour maximum for a Pushlock Turn Reset 900 operations per hour maximum for a Push-Pull
Operating Temperature Storage
–40 to +70°C (without freezing)
Operating Temperature Operation
–25 to +50°C (without freezing)
Operating Force
Flush and extended pushbuttons—with 1NO or 1NC contact: 6.2±2N (momentary), 7.0±2N (maintained)
Minimum Switching Capacity
5 mA at 3V AC/DC
Maximum Inrush Current
40 A (40 ms)
Lamp Ratings LEDs
6V/17mA max, 12V & 24V/11mA max, 120 & 240V/10mA max
Lamp Ratings Incandescent
1 W
Horsepower Rating
Reference Value: 1/4 HP @ 120V (1ø non-reversing), 1HP @ 240V (3ø non-reversing)
Maintained Action
Electrical Reliability
Contact Resistance
Initial contact resistance of 50mΩ or less
Contact Operation
Slow break NC or NO, self-cleaning
Contact Gap
4mm (NO and NC), 2mm (NO-EM and NC-LB)
Contact Arrangement
Button Color Code

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